[MBTI Story #1] Prologue

We have a new content coming soon! This is the prologue to a survival story including the MBTI types written by the administrators. Stay tuned and don’t miss out on our updates for next installments.


I have no idea what time it is anymore. It sure looks like morning but there’s no sure way to tell what hour, just that the sun is pretty high up there and there’s still the hint of crisp air. That serious-looking guy who keeps to himself has a watch but he told us that it’s not waterproof and it doesn’t work anymore. Everyone here looks devastated and in shock, safe for the quiet South Asian girl who seems to be deep in thought.

We’ve got thirteen people here but two of us are out there in the waters, still looking for survivors. Batsheba arrived here two days ago at night with several others on a lifeboat and now Don and two other guys have decided to use it to look for people who might be alive and need help. I fear the chances don’t look too great for them to just stumble upon people—living people—like that considering everything. Maybe two or three people if they’re in luck, but not more than that.

Yes. We’ve been shipwrecked and now we’re castaways. I still can’t believe this is really happening—and I think I say this in behalf of most of us—but it’s happening and now we have to deal with it. For all I know, this could be the end. This was never something I’d imagine would happen to me. Of course I’ve imagined critical situations in my head before but getting shipwrecked is so unprecedented. Then, we have all these people to work with and look out for. Who knows how long until we can become a cohesive unit working together for our survival…

“Hey. Hello? I believe I didn’t catch your name yet.” Suddenly, I hear somebody approach me.

“Sorry. It’s, uh… Ayesha.” I quickly stand up from the ground to face her. It’s the woman who introduced herself as Batsheba earlier. I didn’t realize I was staring into the distance and idly drawing circles in the warm sand until she called to me.

“Sorry for what?” She cocks an eyebrow. “Anyway, can you look for anything that may be used as a water resource on this island? And maybe take that girl with you so she can at least be useful instead of just glaring at me like she’s looking for trouble?” She glances at the Indian girl I mentioned earlier not too far across from us.

“Sure, I’d be happy to help,” I say in response and put on a slight smile. I see the rest of the people staying are moving about either trying to fish for food or collecting other resources for shelters and fire. I wish I could have taken initiative to help earlier.

“Okay. Now, I’ll get back to the others. Thanks, by the way.” And with that, the fair-skinned lady walks off. She has that no-nonsense air about her and somehow I have a feeling she might be the leader of this group since she keeps taking charge.

As soon as she is gone, I hesitate and ponder about how to best approach the grim girl sitting under a tree. Cautiously, I make my way towards her, trying to figure out what to say to her.

“Hey.” And that is all that comes out of my mouth. She looks up but does not make any other movement apart from that. Her hazel eyes pierce through me as if trying to read my intentions.

“Listen, sorry to bother you, but Batsheba asked us to help find some water resource. I think it’s only fair if we do our share, too.” I explain as I look at the direction of Batsheba and the others, managing to be direct but not so blunt. Without saying a word, she rises up and simply utters, “Good.”

“Where should we look? I considered the coconuts but I don’t think that’s a good enough choice if we run out of them. Maybe we could see if there’s a—“

“A waterfall. I thought of that, too. Then we should get going.”


I have no reason to reject her interruption since she is right. Her solemn and calculating demeanor may be a little tough to swallow, yet she does not seem to be a threat. As she begins to saunter towards the path which leads to the thick towering trees, she turns around and asks, “Ayesha, right? I’m Antha, in case you’re wondering.”

I nod almost promptly. I think I almost hear her grunt.

“Look, don’t trust anyone. You don’t get to anymore.”

~ * ~