[ENTP’S CORNER] What We Love from being Ourselves

Hello!! It’s me (No, this is Patrick!! – another Spongebob Squarepants joke). Well, I’m (new) ENTP admin here. I may be super, but I’m no hero – just another ‘Genius man with beast face wearing red suite’ joke. Back to our business, I’m here to present you guys about how we live our life (esp. the pleasure of our lives – that other types doesn’t have).

First of all, who we are. ENTPs are a complicated creature with excessive brilliant ideas of life (and why life works as it is) inside our excellent brain, covered with our arrogance and pride of being ourselves. We talk much about theories, principles, and mechanisms – we talk much about everything actually and for that reason (or I exactly) live in the world of rhetoric. Oh yeah, we also talk much about future.

This brings us to our big concern, that is understanding. To face the world, you need to understand. And to understand, you need to build a strong logical basis. And to build a strong logical basis, you need to be smart – I think I tend to call it genius. For instance, you’re going to operate a machine. You need to understand how it works and how to operate this. You don’t understand, then you can’t operate properly, then you may broke the machine. This also happens in life. You don’t understand, then you can do nothing – we understand much, then we do nothing. Haha. So, for us, you can’t live a life unless you’re smart enough. Because everything comes for reasons.

For ENTPs, world is a playground – or I can name it a place to explore. We’re living for joy, happiness, and satisfaction. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work that way. But don’t worry, because there’s always a way for ENTPs to be happy. Just get the job done – or let other help you to finish it – and WHAM!! It’s easy, isn’t it? Haha – I’m great and you just can’t see it, dude. So, why so serious? – That’s why we warn you not to push us (or me maybe) because I will make you cry and regret for having pushed me. For that reason I think I don’t fit in ENTJs with their explosive Te out there (I taste it like a nuclear reactor).

Another thing that brings us joy is we love to flirt. We always use our big mouth and our excellent brain to make them excited. It’s not because of our infidelity. I see it as a thousand pound tuna with a hook inside their mouth. Do you get what I mean? – I hope you’re smart enough to understand my words. We’re loyal, but – what the hell with this but – we’re adventurous at the same time. Just to satisfy our curiosity of being in a circumstance. Just test the water I guess. We also love to troll people. Haha. Trolling people is very nice isn’t it? Especially for short-thinking people. Haha. Once again, just to test the water. Checking for the response though making people feel upset. We just don’t care. It’s for the sake of our ‘research’.

Another one, because of our prominent Ne functioning, also supported by our brilliant Ti, while we deal with a situation, we have some linked idea, just by one word or maybe sentence, just like what happens in this story telling session – I think it’s better to name it as a story telling session.

Well, I guess I should stop writing, because it’s gonna be soooo soooo soooo long if I keep writing. So sorry for giving you ‘too much Ne-Fe looping’ feeds here. Thanks for reading this meaningless session – it’s meaningful if you have brain anyway (Oh no I start it again). Hope you enjoy.

Request from another admin:
– ENTP to ENTPs: Hey, guys. I know that we’re great and i’m sure you know it too. So, be proud of being yourself, whatever people talked about you. What a ‘meaningful’ closing message!


From An ISFJ to Other ISFJ

Dear ISFJs out there,

It is okay if you are being grateful to your past that successfully bring you here. It is okay if you are (too) appreciate the moments with your loved ones — although they often come then suddenly leave you. It is okay if you are constantly trying to understand the way make them happy — although they often do not realize that you care. So much care.

No need to afraid to give some advises based on your personal experience. Tell them about your past is able to prevent them from doing your mistake(s), right? Cause everytime you get hurt, you wish they won’t feel the same pain that you’ve already felt.

I understand that it feels bad everytime we reanalyze what we’ve been through. About mistakes that we’ve made, chances that we’ve missed, people that we’ve done hurting. But, what is wrong with all of that? Because actually that makes us feel better and change us to be better. And to be a better person is our ultimate goal.

Some people might say we’re too dependent. We’re too much asking people’s argument. But, don’t stop that because that is how we understand their thought. If we are able to understand them, we are gonna feel comfort. If we feel comfort, we are gonna be happy.

And that’s how life is supposed to be.


From an ESFJ to Another ESFJ

Since there are not many posts about ESFJ, I try to write one.

I know we are all exhausted, tired for always put another people first before ourselves. Giving before receive, hurted instead of hurting, and loving unrequitedly.

We love seeing people we love grow, even better if they grow much more than us. Nevertheless, some of them leave us, forget about us, and only come back when they feel uneasy again with their life.

That’s normal. That’s us. That’s our purpose in life. That’s how we cope with this world, the world that we love, the world that is, undoubtly, mesmerizing.

As ESFJ, we cherish all things, we heal the broken, we repair the bent, we welcome the forgotten, we understand the wicked, and we love all creatures in the world.