Ramalan MBTI Hari Ini


INFJ: Keadilan sosial dapat diperjuangkan bersama. Kurang-kurangi spam TL dengan dakwah.

ISTP: Kurangi pengeluaran karena keuangan kamu akan seret seperti biasa.

INTP: Banyaklah bersyukur karena peredaran darah kamu semakin lancar hari ini.

ENTJ: Kurangi emosi kamu jika kamu tidak ingin cepat keriput.

ENFJ: Hati-hati, teman kamu pengkhianat!

ESTJ: Wah, kamu akan menjadi daddy para kaum hawa butuh cinta.

ISFJ: Kamu akan menghadapi cekcok dengan keluarga. Tetap cintai ususmu dan bersabar, ini ujian.

INTJ: Hidup ini adalah anugrah, hidup ini indah. Awali harimu dengan boker.

ENTP: Jangan bacot.

ESTP: Jangan terlalu sering bermain api — baik secara harafiah dan metafor.

ENFP: Jangan lewatkan sarapanmu hari ini.

INFP: Sebaiknya mengurangi perasaan yang berlebihan sebab dapat menyebabkan jatuh dari tangga.

ISFP: Jangan biarkan kamarmu berantakan.

ESFP: Hati-hati di internet. Polisi sosial media mengawasi.

ESFJ: Bergosip memang mempererat pertemanan, namun jangan lupa karma itu ada.

ISTJ: Kamu bakal stres karena hidup memang tidak sempurna, jangan biarkan ini mengganggumu!

-original works of admin who basically looking for any tubir and demands of substantial post from ppl like u guys.

[ENTP’S CORNER] What We Love from being Ourselves

Hello!! It’s me (No, this is Patrick!! – another Spongebob Squarepants joke). Well, I’m (new) ENTP admin here. I may be super, but I’m no hero – just another ‘Genius man with beast face wearing red suite’ joke. Back to our business, I’m here to present you guys about how we live our life (esp. the pleasure of our lives – that other types doesn’t have).

First of all, who we are. ENTPs are a complicated creature with excessive brilliant ideas of life (and why life works as it is) inside our excellent brain, covered with our arrogance and pride of being ourselves. We talk much about theories, principles, and mechanisms – we talk much about everything actually and for that reason (or I exactly) live in the world of rhetoric. Oh yeah, we also talk much about future.

This brings us to our big concern, that is understanding. To face the world, you need to understand. And to understand, you need to build a strong logical basis. And to build a strong logical basis, you need to be smart – I think I tend to call it genius. For instance, you’re going to operate a machine. You need to understand how it works and how to operate this. You don’t understand, then you can’t operate properly, then you may broke the machine. This also happens in life. You don’t understand, then you can do nothing – we understand much, then we do nothing. Haha. So, for us, you can’t live a life unless you’re smart enough. Because everything comes for reasons.

For ENTPs, world is a playground – or I can name it a place to explore. We’re living for joy, happiness, and satisfaction. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work that way. But don’t worry, because there’s always a way for ENTPs to be happy. Just get the job done – or let other help you to finish it – and WHAM!! It’s easy, isn’t it? Haha – I’m great and you just can’t see it, dude. So, why so serious? – That’s why we warn you not to push us (or me maybe) because I will make you cry and regret for having pushed me. For that reason I think I don’t fit in ENTJs with their explosive Te out there (I taste it like a nuclear reactor).

Another thing that brings us joy is we love to flirt. We always use our big mouth and our excellent brain to make them excited. It’s not because of our infidelity. I see it as a thousand pound tuna with a hook inside their mouth. Do you get what I mean? – I hope you’re smart enough to understand my words. We’re loyal, but – what the hell with this but – we’re adventurous at the same time. Just to satisfy our curiosity of being in a circumstance. Just test the water I guess. We also love to troll people. Haha. Trolling people is very nice isn’t it? Especially for short-thinking people. Haha. Once again, just to test the water. Checking for the response though making people feel upset. We just don’t care. It’s for the sake of our ‘research’.

Another one, because of our prominent Ne functioning, also supported by our brilliant Ti, while we deal with a situation, we have some linked idea, just by one word or maybe sentence, just like what happens in this story telling session – I think it’s better to name it as a story telling session.

Well, I guess I should stop writing, because it’s gonna be soooo soooo soooo long if I keep writing. So sorry for giving you ‘too much Ne-Fe looping’ feeds here. Thanks for reading this meaningless session – it’s meaningful if you have brain anyway (Oh no I start it again). Hope you enjoy.

Request from another admin:
– ENTP to ENTPs: Hey, guys. I know that we’re great and i’m sure you know it too. So, be proud of being yourself, whatever people talked about you. What a ‘meaningful’ closing message!


From An ISFJ to Other ISFJ

Dear ISFJs out there,

It is okay if you are being grateful to your past that successfully bring you here. It is okay if you are (too) appreciate the moments with your loved ones — although they often come then suddenly leave you. It is okay if you are constantly trying to understand the way make them happy — although they often do not realize that you care. So much care.

No need to afraid to give some advises based on your personal experience. Tell them about your past is able to prevent them from doing your mistake(s), right? Cause everytime you get hurt, you wish they won’t feel the same pain that you’ve already felt.

I understand that it feels bad everytime we reanalyze what we’ve been through. About mistakes that we’ve made, chances that we’ve missed, people that we’ve done hurting. But, what is wrong with all of that? Because actually that makes us feel better and change us to be better. And to be a better person is our ultimate goal.

Some people might say we’re too dependent. We’re too much asking people’s argument. But, don’t stop that because that is how we understand their thought. If we are able to understand them, we are gonna feel comfort. If we feel comfort, we are gonna be happy.

And that’s how life is supposed to be.


How Each Type Perceives a Certain Type: ENTP Edition 😎

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”
–Albert Einstein

Admins present to you our discussion about ENTP, how we feel towards them and whether we are interested in dating them.

●What do you think about them?

Hey, I honestly don’t really understand ENTP, but really they are one of the most fun types to be with. They are also brutally honest, sometimes it hurts me tho HAHA

Would you date them?

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! Thanks

What do you think about them?
When they’re smart, they’re very smart but when they’re dumb, they’re very dumb. Quick witted, full of ideas, the type of people to raise everyone’s excitement during projects, but at times very ineffective. They often have their head in the clouds. Love their sense of humor, though.

Would you date them?
Depends on how mature they are. Immature, undeveloped ENTPs can be a pain in the ass.

What do you think about them?

Demiurgic and always full of incandescent ideas. However, talks loquaciously and sometimes, malarkey. Never finishes a project. Awfully disheveled irl (and maybe inside their minds too? Idk)

Would you date them?

I AM dating one. Great discussions, doe, but I hate when the ENTP starts to Ne-Fe loop and forgets the whole fidelity thing.

What do you think about them?
Ah yes, The Devil’s Advocate. As cliched as that term might be, it’s the best way to describe you people. Full of potential and ideas, creative yet destructive.

●Would you date them?
I’m dating one right now. It’s amazing how different we are in terms of solutions and personal values. btw, slow down on the bad puns.

What do you think about them?

Damn, that Ne-Ti combination makes for one hell of a ride. Smashing conventionality one tradition at a time. Very argumentative but secretly they can be pretty mushy. Good at instigating ideas… but not at executing them.

Would you date them?

My knees go weak almost every time I see an ENTP, so… I’m mostly attracted to them because of their witty controversial sense of humor and their openness to to try new things.

●What do you think about them?
Objective and honest,open minded as fuck, and also innovative. But after come up with the new idea they never focus on one thing at a time. And they’re terrible at making plans.

Would you date them?
No. I would rather do a business project with them.

What do you think about them?

Prince Charming if they are the type to date 5 cinderellas and another prince charming at the same time. Creative, random, and get off on memes.

●Would you date them?

After hearing multiple dating disasters, no. But I will probably change my mind the moment they charm my pants off.

What do you think about them?
ENTP, si-tukang-tubir. Be careful of them, because they can use your own argument against you and will never shut their mouth if you questioning their point of view. Oh, and I love their sense of humor.

Would you date them?
I don’t know how ISFJ could be in a relationship with their opposite type but, here I am. Most of the time I can’t win my argument over him — so I have to understand. But, overall, not that bad.

What do you think about them?

Since my father is the ENTP basically I have been living with ENTP for my entire life, super wacana but very great in debate. Basically his Ti-aux is the reason why I’m comfortable spending more than hours discussing things with him. But sometimes super asshole bcs they like to bully you like 24/7.

Would you date them?

Never encounter with one, but why not, we might discussing ideas with those devil advocates. And he is also super flirty lol.

What do you think about them?
i would like to say that entp is an amazing partner in D R A M A, well at least for me. yeah thats it lmao.

Would you date them?
im actually dating one, and its been problematic for both of us af but i enjoy it

●What do you think about them?

Instant connection at first interaction. Real smart. Jack of all trades, though has no real passion for anything (most ENTP I know), after mastering a certain skill, conquering a game or something general like a relationship, they’d leave for good. Offbeat sense of humor. Has a looooot of friends and get along with most people. Can’t stop talking (sad). You’d never see ENTP who hasn’t done anything weird once in their life. Though I really hate their inability to sit back and reflect their doings, and in the end they always repeat the same mistakes. Male and female are both very opinionated. Immature ones sometimes do something just to see your reaction (tertiary Fe, remember). CANT FULFILL THEIR PROMISES, NEVER EXPECT THEM TO DO SO. Female ENTPs with developed Fe are the best. They are good at listening and knows when to interrupt you when you talk.

●Would you date them?

Few male ENTPs have told me that they never settle for a girl. Once they settle their heart might be yours but their eyes are scanning for other interesting girls around. Their confidence fuel their chances for cheating. Unless the ENTP learned how to be faithful, I would think 100 times before dating one. Or may be get myself ready for an open relationship.

What do you think about them?
Well it is often (not) fun to argue with an ENTP hehe. But I love that their presence always amplifies the energy of the surroundings, ergo it is rarely quiet when they’re around. Question is, is that always a good thing? Capek sih kadang apa-apa jadi tubir.

Would you date them?
I would, because I fancy honesty, but if I’ve already been close friends with them for a really really long time.

What do you think about them?

Lots of ENTPs that I know so far are confident af especially when it comes to arguing, they always have their perspective towards smth so clear, if they say A then it’ll be forever A, and always have reasons for that. I really am enjoying myself befriends with them, moreover they’re always rational in making desicions. Well, most of them are full of informations, it’s like… They know everything.

Would you date them?

Depends. It’s hard to see if they’re serious in a relationship. But if I find one, why not heheh

What do you think about them?
Interesting, funny, witty, and full of banter. It’s fun to talk and debate with them from light jokes to deep stuff, any topic basically. Could be stubborn at times and there’s basically no use to give advice to them since most likely they’d only trust their own judgement. I kinda wish to have their level of confidence.

●Would you date them?
I guess, why not. Seems that it’ll be fun.

Yeap, that’s all from us. Do you want your type to be discussed? Or do you want to add your opinion about ENTP? Don’t mind to write a comment below!

MBTI dan Gender: Cowok Feeler dan Cewek Thinker

“Cowok sama cewek tuh beda. Cowok mikir pake otak, kalo cewek pake perasaan.”

Kalian pasti pernah denger kalimat semacam ini dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Konsep ini sudah diyakini oleh kebanyakan orang selayaknya fakta, terutama di dalam masyarakat dengan budaya patriarkis yang memegang teguh peran gender tradisional seperti di Indonesia. Bahwa diasumsikan perempuan itu perasa dan laki-laki itu pemikir sejak lahir.

Lalu, gimana dengan orang-orang yang nggak sesuai dengan stereotipe gender seperti cewek galak dan frontal dan cowok yang super perhatian dan gampang tersentuh? Pasti kalian pernah berhadapan dengan orang-orang seperti ini. Nah, kali ini admin ingin membahas soal cowok Feeler dan cewek Thinker dalam konteks MBTI, bagaimana mereka dipandang masyarakat, dan bagaimana mereka berkembang sebagai individu ketika budaya bersinggungan dengan kepribadian mereka.

Sebenernya ada berapa banyak, sih, cowok Feeler dan cewek Thinker di sekitar kita? Dan apa benar lebih banyak cowok Thinker dan cewek Feeler dibanding sebaliknya? Jawabannya, ya. Preferensinya memang benar bahwa perempuan lebih banyak yang Feeler dan laki-laki lebih banyak Thinker. Perbandingannya kurang lebih 60:40 untuk Thinking pada laki-laki dan Feeling bagi perempuan, yang berarti cowok Feeler dan cewek Thinker bisa disebut sebagai minoritas di gendernya masing-masing.

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Lalu, apa pengaruhnya? Budaya di sekitar kita lahir sebagai dampak dari preferensi mainstream atau mayoritas populasi di sekitar kita. Misalnya, di dunia ini lebih banyak Sensors dibanding iNtuitives—dengan SJs di peringkat pertama dan SPs di peringkat kedua. Dampaknya, budaya kehidupan sehari-hari kita cenderung fokus dengan dengan kehidupan masa kini dan lebih mempentingkan praktikalitas/reliabilitas alih-alih mereka-reka masa depan dan konsep-konsep abstrak. Kita lebih sering diajak untuk bersikap “work hard and strive for success” (mayoritas SJ) dibandingkan “question everything and seek the truth” (NT sebagai populasi paling sedikit).

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Begitu juga dengan Thinking vs. Feeling. Karena Feeling identik dengan perempuan dan Thinking dengan laki-laki, budaya terbentuk sedemikian rupa. Maka, lahirlah nilai bahwa perempuan itu peduli dan sensitif dan laki-laki itu rasional dan cuek. Terus, gimana dong, sama mereka yang nggak seperti kebanyakan? Tentunya mereka akan cenderung berhadapan dengan pengalaman, perlakuan dan perkembangan yang berbeda dari kebanyakan.

Cewek Thinker biasanya rentan dinilai sebagai banyak hal mulai dari sombong, judes, sampai dipertanyakan femininitasnya. Begitu juga dengan cowok Feeler, biasanya lebih hebat lagi tantangannya karena budaya kita biasanya memandang remeh cowok yang perasa karena kalau cowok menampilkan emosi secara bebas biasanya akan dicap lemah atau nggak laki banget. Some would even go as far as calling them names such as “gay” atau “banci”. Sehari-hari, mereka akan menerima tuntutan untuk bersikap lebih sesuai dengan mayoritas gendernya—to which the Thinker girl might say, “But I don’t give a damn what you think about me!” and the Feeler guy might ask, “But why must I be someone I’m not?”

Yang jadi pertanyaan: apa masalahnya? Sebenarnya kalau diteliti tidak ada masalah. Cuma lingkungan saja yang biasa merasa aneh dan akhirnya mengajak individu itu untuk berubah. Mereka biasanya akan diancam dengan berbagai hal: nggak laku lah, susah sukses, dll. Padahal kalau dilihat-lihat, preferensi Thinking vs. Feeling tidak menentukan hidup seseorang. Seperti Barack dan Michelle Obama yang merupakan pasangan ENFJ-ENTJ, mereka tetap bisa disegani rakyatnya dan berkarya sesuai kemampuannya.

Namun, hasil dari pandangan masyarakat yang berbeda ini biasanya akan membuat lawan dari fungsi cowok Feeler/cewek Thinker berkembang lebih dahulu dan membuat fungsi Thinking-Feeling lebih seimbang dibanding orang-orang yang preferensinya sesuai dengan mayoritas. Misalnya perempuan INTP akan mengembangkan Fe-nya karena lingkungannya lebih nyaman dengan perempuan yang ramah dan mengerti kebutuhan orang. Laki-laki ESFP juga akan didorong untuk mengembangkan Te-nya karena laki-laki diajak untuk memimpin dan bersikap objektif.

Tapi di sisi lain, perlakuan yang berbeda ini juga dapat membawa dampak buruk dan menghambat perkembangan. I think it wouldn’t be a surprise if INFP guys tend to be gloomy because they might feel like outcasts who don’t belong atau cewek ESTP yang dianggap terlalu kasar dan liar, akhirnya kemampuan mereka malah tidak tersalurkan dengan baik. Masalah lain adalah orang-orang ini dapat membangun persona sebagai topeng agar tidak dikecam orang lain yang mungkin malah mengganggu perkembangan kepribadiannya. Nggak menutup kemungkinan juga cowok Feeler dan cewek Thinker akan mistyped dalam MBTI.

But the point is it’s okay if you’re not like most people of your gender; it doesn’t make you have any less worth. Cowok Feeler biasanya akan dinilai lebih karismatik dan membangun relasi yang kuat dengan orang-orang di sekitarnya karena orang merasa nyaman. Sementara cewek Thinker biasanya dikagumi karena pendiriannya dan kemampuan problem-solvingnya, so they can be drama-free. Bukan masalah kalau beberapa laki-laki berasal dari Venus, sementara beberapa perempuan datang dari Mars. You do you.


Sources & further reading (check them out for more exact datas and interesting discussions combining MBTI and gender):