[ADMINS HOUR] Valentine Edition: “What is Your Perfect Date?”

(DISCLAIMER: These are the individual views of our admins, we don’t try to represent it as the general views from each type.)

ISFJ: An ice cream and a cotton candy. I love both of them but I love someone beside me more. We sit under the night sky which decorated by stars and fireworks. So many people around us look happy, but no one is happier than me who have a chance to see him smile, closely. Sometime he smirk, but then he smile. When our eyes meet, everything just stop. A second, two seconds.. Then he wipe off my head and continue to enjoy his vanilla ice cream. I am bashful — as always — and try to cover it but he knows. I love to know what he passionate about, what he wants to do in his life, what his goals, and everything about him. I love to see his side which he never show to someone else. I love to see him differently. My perfect date full of story and small talk. Because I want to know him better and of course, love him much better.

ISTJ: I can’t think of anything romantic, but I guess cuddling and deep conversation attract me more than anything. Well, it’s cheap! They only cost a crampy hand and brain. Uh—sorry for ruining the romanticism.

ENTP: Depends on what my partner needs.

ESFJ: I always like to be in cafes with my significant other. I like to have myself a good cup of coffee and pastry while discuss several topics, joke around, and look into each other’s eyes deeply. To finish it off, I would ask them to walk for several miles with me, while stars watching us. Seriously, walking together is like so fulfilling, I get to learn my significant other so much!

ENTJ: I’ve never really thought of this, but I guess my ideal date would be going to a rock concert together plus a late dinner at my house/apartment, during which I’ll make my partner coffee and we can have a Stranger Things marathon and talk about our future plans, the world, and things we both like and hate until 2 AM. Right, everyone expects some cuddling. I’m not into cuddling but I think I can take it if my significant other likes it. This is awkward. I’ll stop now.

INTJ: My ideal date is playing games together until 3 AM or until we’re too tired to continue. Or cat cafe. Because cats. Either way, it doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy. In fact I’d rather make the date practical that is mutually beneficial to both parties. The point of dates is to get to know each other better and spend time together, right? I would prefer someone I could talk to about the most random of things, from the state of the world or conspire as to why Half Life 3 isn’t being released yet. Preferably with Pizza, because Pizza is life.

ENFP: I dont really have much expectation of how some certain circumstances could fall into “a perfect date” category. I find happiness in simple things in life. I prefer my S.O to have a lot of common interests with me. Places that we like, food that we love to eat, music that we both listen to, activities that we both enjoy, vibes that we find comforting, and so on. So whatever he likes to do, I like to do it, too. As long as my S.O is happy, I’m happy, and that’s what I call a perfect date.

INTP: Let’s explore new places! Talk about something big, new, and exciting! Laugh on some incomprehensible jokes! Be honest about our desire, ambition, and insecurities and make no attempt in trying to impress one another! If we’ve successfully intrigued each other, challenged our perceptions, and charmed each other with a good sense of humour then I’d call it a perfect date.

ISTP: Let’s hike, let’s randomly travel city and try every single food stalls available (the one with the cheapest price), I’m going to take your pictures, a lot so let’s hunting pictures. Or if we are too tired to walk let’s go to nearest book cafe, order a martabak and talk until the cafe already closed. I’m also up to silly playing around nearest Game Zone in the mall playing Time Crisis or Danz Base. Let’s talk about the stars and politics until 11pm or let’s do silliest things at 11 am, either way I will always excites you.

ISFP: Cuddling. All. Day.
Netflix and chill (ok)
Oh cilor will be good. Or indomie kuah (telur)

ENFJ: For me, the way of having a perfect date is to analyze the mood and the situation of both parties beforehand. For example, if we want energy-consuming activity I’ll take my date to a theme park! You know, joke around whilst queuing, enjoy adrenaline-pumping rides, a perfect day. Or if we’re tired and just wanted to chill, a simple movie marathon would suffice. Smelling my dates hair whilst cuddling (this is so fucking addicting btw), stealing kisses, share our thoughts and ideas, making silly jokes, another perfect day.

, no matter how shitty the place you’re at, or how down you’re feeling atm, when you found the right person, being near him/her will always be a perfect date.

ESTJ: Fine dining and late night driving (with you on my lap) on my expensive car.

INFP: The most important thing is whether we click or not, I won’t want to be in a date where we only sit in awkward silence. Connecting in “”spiritual”” level is so important for me (as silly as that sounds, hence the reason why I have gone to zero date) while the rest can follow, rlly. Although I definitely won’t say no to cuddling under warm blanket when it’s raining outside while drinking warm cocoa as we watch our favorite series or going to conventions (*cough otpcon) where we can be embarrassing together.

A rush?
A glance?
A touch?
A dance?

I’m just looking to share a connection on a date, it’s that simple. And connections can be made anywhere and anytime. Hopefully, there’ll be lots of eye contact and heart-to-heart conversations. It’s the most dangerous thing to bare your soul to someone special. I like to go naked on our dates—figuratively speaking. And perhaps literally, too, if you’d like. But not until the 93,397,373th date.

But hey, spending some quiet time reading together or watching some obscure film at home would do just fine. I’m not the type to ask much for a date to be perfect.

ESFP: a perfect date? as long as my significant other and i are having fun, it is one.
if you want details well ok; going shopping till i max out your credit card, eating food we have never heard before, attending music concerts or music festivals together. if those sound too energy-consuming, we could just stay at home, and have our little private party, you down?


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