MBTI Spotlight: INFP (Max Caulfield – Life Is Strange)

“I’ve always seen the world through my own lens finder. Maybe it’s a way for me to be part of the world, but at a safe distance.”

Fi – Max’s journey throughout the story heavily revolves around self-identity and morality. Her Fi proves to be her strongest function as she holds so many personal feelings regarding not just people but also animals and inanimate objects. She also doesn’t seem to concern herself with the public opinion or communal values, going instead with what she feels is right. This may lead her to do things that break the law or defy the norms – sacrificing the needs of many and prioritizing her friendship with Chloe.

Ne – Max is not easily bothered by change. She is adaptable and got used to her time-rewinding powers rather quickly. She’s also open to possibilities but this also makes her frequently doubt her own choices. Max elaborately uses her powers and initially shows no qualms about messing up with timelines and going back and forth in time to change consequences. (A more dominant Si would be troubled by the non-linearity of time).

Si – Her tertiary function helps her in utilizing her powers by recalling past memories, especially when she uses photographs to go back in time. Max also displays a penchant for nostalgia, choosing the retro analog camera as her favorite tool of photography. On the other hand, the past sometimes drives her to do irrational things. Her past bond with Chloe fuels the desire to mend what was broken. The Ne-Si dynamic explains her frantic efforts that end up creating several alternate timelines.

Te – As her weakest function, Max only uses Te when she really, really has to, such as when standing up to bullies like Victoria and Nathan or difficult adults such as Mr. Jefferson, David and Frank. In critical moments, Te helps her devise strategies to solve problems, though not easily as effective as a natural Te-user. As it is quite unnatural to her, Max is shown to be quite cynical towards authority and sometimes makes snarky comments in response to things she hates.

– Admin INFJ

**Bonus typings:
Chloe – ESFP (Te loop)
Warren – ENTP
Victoria – ENTJ
Nathan – ISFP (Te grip)
Mr. Jefferson – ENFJ


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