[ADMINS HOUR] “What’s Your Retirement Goal?”

(DISCLAIMER: These are the individual views of our admins, we don’t try to represent it as the general views from each type.)

My retirement goal is all about spending my money on expensive shit , like live the rest of my life on my mega yacth at bahama’s beach , attend expensive social event , travel the world with my private jet and impress some pussy with my Lamborghini. And what about my kids? Fuck it i don’t want to have a kids they’re sucks , I’m not a good guy type to raise a kids and do shit like that. I might be married yes , but i plan not to have kids.And you guys think my retirement goal is too big? Fuck no , i think your dream is too small. I’m willing to work hard 24/7 to achieve it. And i won’t stop working till i can buy my 50 ft yacth that costs around 26 $ without tax. I take a risk that you don’t , so i can live a life that you won’t.

I want to:
• Get some moneh from my clinic/hospital yeaah. I ain’t gonna work my ass.
• Live until my spouse’s/my death. But no, I ain’t gonna wipe his shits. We can hire somebody to do it.
• See my only child raise and breeding another children. But I don’t want to take care of my grandson/daughter.
• Build a library inside my hoz bcs y not
• Omg I want to make a MBTI foundation, can I??
• Go on vacations with my spouse.
• Write a book.
• Yes I know those r boring killmenow

I am not the type who’s going to plan this. But if I can dream this I want to build a cafe (which sell vinyls) integrated with library who also invite indie musician to promote their music (which I in the other hand will going to sponsor them). Aside of that I’m going to have a lunch in London and Dinner in Paris while also Skiing in Norway. My retire plan will involving me (either alone or with partner idk) travel around the world or look after my library. Yes you read it right I’m not going to have kids that’s why I will not involve additional supporting character here.

When I retire, I plan to build the biggest aeroplane in the world using my fortune, as I believe that this would protect my legacy for decades to come. I will travel around the world with my future husband using this plane. I plan to receive an award from my current university for the things I will be doing over the course of my career, including building a hospital for autistic children during my retirement (for those who said I can never receive an award from a top 50 uni – watch me). Furthermore, I plan to buy a big mansion in maldives to live in with my future husband, and also teach my grandchildren the basics of investment and how to manage their finances. I will even open a school just for that and become the headmaster since you don’t learn financial literacy at school and it’s an important skill to have. In short, I’ll never really retire. Working is in my blood.

honestly, i havent really thought about me/my life in general in the future. but basically, when i retire, the only problem i want to have is to choose which make up product to use HAHA LMAO.
BUT HONESTLY, TRULY, i came here to have a good time, not to have a long time. so if death came say hi before i got retired it wont have me shook💯

To live my life with my loved ones. To make a meal for my children. To pick them up from school. To have dinner together. To eat ice cream or watch movies. To listen all of their problems. To be there at their worst time. To know about their first date. To understand them and what they wanna be. To see them grow and lovely. To write a short morning greeting for my husband next to his cup of coffee. To love him everyday, everytime. To manage our family. To make sure they never skip their breakfast. To spend my days on my favorite books. To adore my favorite fictional characters. To enjoy a peaceful life. And I’m healthy as well to be beside them, like, always.

I’ll see myself in a house where the garden is filled with some plants and fluffy grass. Taking care of plants, cooking, making breakfast for my till-death-significant other aka 4ever bae, reading new books everyday, experimenting some recipes most likely will be my daily activities. Travelling and such maybe no, cause probably I’ll do my travelling in 30-40ish. I know it sounds basic af but what do u expect, isfp checking all tumblr notifications in her late 70?

I have a very naïve dream of managing a creative space where youngsters can meet up and organize events. It will be an extension of my private studio, so I can share my works and knowledge to people who want to learn and see the things I make (for a fee of course!). People can also put their crafts to sell in my place (a consignment store for crafty people!). There will be library with mostly art, architecture, design and culture books, and I will keep a lot of cats~ My family is fine, though my grounded husband is tired of my shit, and my kids and grandkids would constantly roll their eyes everytime they hear my plans of starting a project and never finish it. (laugh)

If you ask me about my life plans, you are going to hear about many ambitious things like CMO or having the biggest bakery and cafe chain in the world. Talking about retirement is different tho. I just wanna be happy. I would like to live with unlimited digits on my bank so that I can make myself and people around me happy. I’m going to live peacefully, maybe having kids, I dunno yet. I wanna live in a secluded place where I can be with people I love the most, I wanna buy flowers everyday to make my significant other feels happy everyday, I wanna buy things everyday for others, like giving a homeless kid a scholarship, something like that. Little things that make people happy. I believe, that when I die, I am going to live in people’s heart, I am going to live in a book, live through their words. Aaaaaaah what a life!!

With how careless I am with both my health and body, I… don’t think I will live that long. But I hope to live long enough to see my dreams fulfilled. I want to have houses or shelters for troubled young people seeking for help or a home. By my retirement. I will live in a house in some peaceful European town that is not too far from the city, entirely designed to my whim (I can see every room representing my beloved fandoms), I’ll have a cafe-slash-library next door. I also still want to write and make arts, either actual books if I can ever commit to finishing one or maybe short fictions or poems or other form of arts. If I manage to snag myself a spouse and a couple of probably adopted kids, I hope they have enough patience with me. Lastly, I will still cry over both newly acquired in the future and old fictional characters on tumblr and root for my otps if they ever become canon. Tl:dr, I hope it’s a fulfilling life with a meaning that I won’t regret.

Retire = to leave ones job or cease to work.

I’ll never retire. I wanted to have my own clothing line (I’ve dreamed about this for so long tbh haha), my own art galleries featuring many sculptures, paintings, etc by many passionate artists who just started their career. So that they look back and said “this is the place where my life begin”. I wanted to have disciples, to teach, to pass on the knowledge that I possess. I’d love to be on talkshows or hold my own seminar in various cities, even countries! I want to spread what I believe is right, and is beneficial to the world.

As we grow older, our body will be weaker. I, eventually, will have to decrease the amount of “work” I have to do. But, I stand by my principle. I’ll never retire. Because, assuming that I’ve already found the love of my life and have mini versionS of me, being a dad, is the ultimate career.

To be honest, (professional) work has never been my focus in life. I’ve always been more interested in investing my time in personal and social projects. Looking to the future, I’ve always dreamed of either living a simple life of a hermit somewhere in Scandinavia or actually leaving my mark on the world by doing what I love most: teaching, caring and creating.

I have the silliest dream of becoming the adoptive mother of dozens of children but since that’s impractical I hope I can actualize either: a) owning a school for children of all backgrounds and talents or b) building my own foster home. I want to continue sharing my ideas and nurturing people’s spirits that way. The rest of my time would be spent writing and making art to keep my creative light aflame.

Never have I ever thought of retiring, I’m gonna work, work, and work until I have enough money to disprove the Fermi Paradox. I believe that there’s extraterrestrial life out there, and I won’t stop until I have all the money in the world to actually find those lives. All I’m doing right now is for that goal, I believe that humans is adaptive enough to adapt with the changing universe. So my goal would be:
– Invest in research on how human can live in space and adapt to other planets
– Invest in extraterrestrial researches
– And if I still have money and I still have incomes from my businesses… I’ll just go to sleep. Yet still making money.
– Having some coffee while watching space stations would be nice.

– Living a peaceful life with dogs and cats in a house-slash-library (with full collection of books ofc) open for public
– Have lived to see human’s technological advancement (humanity starting to enter type 2 civilisation in Kardashev’s scale, dyson swarm being built, cure for HIV and various cancers, kinda wishful i know) and first alien contact
– Die via voluntary euthanasia once I contract some chronic disease/become vegetable/just have enough with life (target: possibly around age 60-70) or uploaded my mind to the grid


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