[ADMINS HOUR] “Please Impersonate Your Mind in Cognitive Function-Wise!”


(DISCLAIMER: These are the individual views of our admins, we don’t try to represent it as the general views from each type.)

OHOHO my whole brain is a silent library owned and ruled by a sage old man (Si) and his loyal librarian, a bold and perfectionist middle-aged woman with black, short hair (Te) who manages all the books there in order. The library is always /that/ quiet until an emo teen (Fi) comes in and randomly opens some classified books the old man keep to himself. It makes the old man sad.

And there are some times
when a little boy, aged about 3 (Ne), dashes into the library, randomly drop the books away from it shelves, and doesn’t bother to tidy up. He draws rainbows on some of the books. The librarian’s always mad at him—but alas! Oh, yet the sage old man is truly sage—he approaches the boy and gives him a candy to calm him down. Because, actually the old man is happier whenever the kid is around!

My mind is like a living room where a chatty mom like to have discussions about daily life with other family members (Fe). Sometimes she likes to talk with her husband, who are really careful and remembers everything like the name of his teacher in elementary school (Si). They have 2 kids, one of them is really fun to be with. He is really mischievous and likes to do pranks on people (Ne), and the other is like to learn about anything that is given to him tho this child is sometimes nonexistent because their family overshadow him (Ti). By the way, I forgot to tell that the mom is basically an ambitious business woman too (Te grip). A really professional business woman that tries to protect her family by doing her best.

I can’t find other places that is more suitable than home with a family living on it to describe my mind. So, I describe it as a warm and tidy home because a woman with straight, long, black hair (Si) always organize it well. A stick-to-the-plan Mommy has her own schedule for everyday. She has a husband (Fe) who is fashionable and smells good. Every time this family have dinner together, he curious about what his significant other do all day long and even motivate them. He is very good at words. This sweet couple has two children. The first one is 8 years old (Ti) who ask about many things while they are having dinner. He likes to analyze everything and sometime, people too. And the youngest one is a little cute girl aged about 5 (Ne). She is having fun with mess up everything which make her Mom going mad. Nevertheless, this ‘conflict’ always end up with her Mom who clean it (again) patiently.

my mind is like some sort of workshop which consisting of a cold researcher who manage to research things and have big curiosities (Ti) he gain help from a young photographer in a midst of gaining information but this young photographer always make a mess since he is young and curious and always being an impulsive but somehow he works fast so he kinda help (Se) the workshop also gain a help from an ambitious woman who makes vision for the workshop but since she doesn’t come much most likely she only comes when the researcher is under stress and makes the workshop kinda lack of vision lol (Ni). The reaearcher have a girlfriend which kind of caring but since the researcher never came and affectionate to her she always show up to the workshop with an angry tantrum and crying mercilessly, messing around the workshop (Fe)

since i AM a hoe for memes im going to be referring my cognitive functions as one. there is this guy (Se) who always looks for & recreates latest trending memes and let his friend (Fi) do whatever he wants with the memes. Fi decides to help him share only memes that he thinks are the bomb and could go viral on the world wide web. another friend of him (Te), whom assists Fi in sharing the memes, Te knows where is it the best to share memes so that they go viral in a blink of an eye. and the last friend of Se (Ni), the one who always persuades him to sell his memes for good money which he has agreed to the idea but he always forgets to get it done because… honk honk new memes are coming through!!!

This shopaholic girl found a cute store at the end of the road. As she enters the store, she heard several conversation from another shopper and the workers there about the new product (Se) and she’s just triggered as well to buy it! And suddenly she remembered she could make the same thing as she saw (Ni) and she think again for spending too much money for not-so-important thing, & more eco-friendly if she just made it from recycled stuff… (Fe) “but im helping the economy, I’m not a shopaholic! I’m going to buy it anyway..” (Ti)

My mind is like a big wall street office with a lot of employee , and all of the employee is a crazy street hustler who wants to achieve one clear goal that already set by their boss (Te) . And the boss is very detailed about his goal so he always plans everything perfectly. So the journey to his goal is a clear path forward with every step perfectly planned (Si) . Even though he has made everything planned out perfectly , he still open to his employee’s opinion about his plan . Don’t be mad If your employee got more efective plan than yours , It’s not about being right or more superior , it’s about achieving the goal (Ne) . Despite his materialistic point of view , he still believe that every business man has to play fair in business (Fi) . He doesn’t believe in bribery because it’s incompetence as fuck. He only believes in hard work.

Main role of my life story was a young boy aged 5, named Ne, having a best friend, a little girl who always tried to attract everyone she meets, named Fe. They two then explored the world together, searching for what they believe as life. Once, they met a charming man with IQ of 145, named Ti, on their searching. With his wisdom, Ti took part in the team, with the two kids alongside him. Along the way, Ti as the oldest one navigated the two kids. Anyway, where is my Si? Oh, I guess I left her on the floor under my scattered books of history. Shit! The team must go back home to see Si. As the result, they decided to go home to see Si. The team then arrived home, while Si tried to settle down the three. It always feels homey while they have met her. I guess that’s how my cognitive pathway runs.

If I were to personify my cognitive functions, I would start by introducing you to a visionary 50 year old CEO of a big company that produces guitars (Te), sitting on his chair in the morning in an elegant suit, thinking of new ways of conquering the industry. He’ll be working with a 40-year-old chief product engineer (Ni) to develop the kind of guitar their customers want – the most perfect and the most profitable guitars on earth. Together, they’ll create the perfect marketing strategy to pull customers in with a fashionable, up-to-date employee in the marketing department in her late 20s (Se). But it doesn’t stop there. A firm is nothing without its customers. An 18-year-old rocker wannabe coming from an inferior economic background (Fi) has become a rather loyal customer of the guitar company, and even though the CEO is annoyed by how he persistently owes the company money, he applauds the young man for being brave enough to pursue the dream a lot of other people have but don’t have the guts to pursue.

Let’s just say there’s this huge party in my head where everyone keeps talking, dancing, and listening to music. The party is placed in an abandoned building, unfinished, but they decorated it to some extend with DIY stuffs and found objects though it is still a huge mess (Ne). One of them decided to separate themself from the crowd, feeling uneasy, and insecure (Fi), drinking alone. What a weirdoooo. Then the party ends when a group of law enforcers (Te) come and tell them to fuck off? You’ve been partying all day and we got reports from people (Si) that one of you tagged the nearest holy place with seemingly weird looking gun that is actually a dick. People are tired of these partying mofos yet they cant do anything because they wont be heard by these bunch of weirdos.

In the city of wackshit, there lives a stubborn overly sensitive 20-something writer (Fi). He needs to get a life, or at least get a manuscript down, but instead he is busy alternating between angsting over potential tragic plot that he made himself and mooning about humanity from too much reading. He has a best friend, who is a witch (Ne). She wants him to stop sulking so she helps him with his work and together they create more angsty poems, sappy scenarios, or stupid essay. It’s all rainbows and sprinkles and magic and unfinished junk that mostly shall never see the light of days.

they have a pet (Si), an old dog who occasionally will wake up and say something helpful like, “oh you can incorporate that time when you managed to human!” or on a bad day it’s “hey you remember that time you fucked up big time and embarrass yourself for eternity you big fucking loser.” When this happen, the witch will start screaming and try to distract the writer with Sparkly New Spells™ to prevent him from going into another slump over the reality check. With all the ruckus, the (tired) editor (Te) who rarely checks on them will come and tell them to get their shit together. Calmly. That’s is until she sees how the place is pretty much a disaster of misdirected pastel shit spells and abandoned drafts for fuck sake i am not getting paid enough for this shits.

In the beginning, there was the Spirit (Ni): a consciousness pervading space and existing in intangibility. The Spirit is a symbol of Knowing embodying the air—it is present but you can’t touch or see it. It ceaselessly seeks for meaning and along the way, once powerful enough, the Spirit decided to transform itself into a corporeal being and breathed life to the Mother (Fe). She was made from the earth and incorporated its qualities—warm, committed, reliable yet stubborn at times. But what she wants the most was to provide a medium for growth; to facilitate people’s needs in hopes of cultivating them.

But the Mother was a chimera, especially under harsh conditions. Born from opposing elements, the paradox within gave her shape-shifting abilities. In the dark, she transforms into a cold calculative Serpent (Ti) with a penchant for mind games. But the Serpent is not entirely sinister. Fascinated by the ‘how’s and ‘why’s of the universe, she enjoys swimming in deep waters to pursue Truth. At desperate times, however, the Mother takes another form—this one mischievous and unpredictable—known as the Monkey (Se). While the Spirit’s entity strives for transcendence and stability, the Monkey is an incarnation of materialism and chaos. He is a fiery force driven by the carnal instincts of a primate: hunger, lust, vanity, fun. However, his presence is what gives the Spirit power and perseverance. So the Spirit’s whole being is empowered by all these manifestations, each one serving a purpose and transforming it into an all-encompassing entity built on different elements.

“It’s in motion..” said the General as he puts his hand in motion to cover his confident smile. the General has always been the brains behind every operation that is conducted in the war against the Tharkad rebellion. Cold, calm, calculative and always one step ahead. he predicted the ambush from Solaris 3 months before the attack ever happened, thus earning him the title of “The Psychic General”.(Ni)

“All according to plan..
I assume?” Asked the Colonel who was with him at the moment. The Colonel is the General’s right hand man, executing everything to near-perfection. The man has been called aggressive, decisive, and to an extent, ruthless.(Te)

“It can’t be avoided.
Natural selection demands it.” Another answer came from a Captain of the 3rd batallion, a young talented commander. Born in the now destroyed town of Styx, deep inside he seeks vengeance for whom destroyed his family.(Fi)

“Yes?” “Don’t ever forget about me!” “Back to your post, Sergeant.” The newly appointed Sergeant has been in action for the last several days. Helping the ground troops in suppression of the Tharkad Rebellion. Quick to act at every opportunity, yet never seems to think about the risk. “I don’t think he’ll live long.” Says the Captain.

Hey there! Today, I’m going to give you a house tour! Let’s start! So, this is the living room (Fe). This is where I talk, entertain, and serve the guest so that they’re comfortable. Here, you see what I wanted you to see. The second room, is the bathroom (Ni). Just sit on the toilet, spacing out, and suddenly those inspirational juice starts kicking in and you suddenly got those epiphany. Next to it, is the bedroom (Se). Clothes on the bed, guitars & CD’s on the floor, an impaired punching bag hanging. It’s a bloody mess. But, sometimes these things relaxed me. And this table on the corner, is what I call, The Circle (Ti). Every night, I judge my decision throughout the day and write things to improve it for future needs.

Well, that’s the end of the house tour. Thank you for your time and you may leave now.. or, I can make you tea and stay for a couple more minutes, or hours, or if we’re both lucky, until tomorrow morning.

Make yourself at home.

So basically how they converse with each other in my mind

: What the fuck is that? How does it come to be that way? Find the answer! Now! *a few moments later come up with an answer*

: How can you be sure about that? Don’t you consider other factors and possibilities? Or what about we talk about something else more exciting! Oh, oh, this seems fun! Let’s talk about this! Oh, oh, what about that? Don’t you find that more interesting? *and so on and so on*

: *suddenly remembers an embarrassing moment that happened in the past* Ti, help me to solve this! What should’ve I said instead to make it less embarrassing?

: Well, you know, maybe you shouldn’t have said such mean words to them in the first place..

: Shut up.

: B-but, it’s possible that they felt that way be-becau–

: Sssh.. only my rational explanations matter.

yeah, Ti is basically such a dictator and a control freak, while Ne is an overexcited child with brilliant ideas that’s hard to control. Si is a nostalgic guy who’d rather live in the past, and Fe is a timid and sensitive kid who can make sensible points at times but is rarely given a chance.


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