Si vs. Ni

Since most of you here are still confused over Introverted perceiving functions of MBTI, let me straighten it up for you with a simple case of sandwich:

Let’s say we have an Si user who is standing in the kitchen with the recipe and ingredients for this sandwich at a table. This will be the first time the Si user will ever make a sandwich or even seen a sandwich and thus his mind’s slate is clean. The Si user will read through the recipe and attempt to follow the instructions one by one to construct this sandwich.

Let’s make one. the recipe would be: mustard + mayo -> lettuce -> tomato -> cheese -> ham.

And then the Si user will make a second sandwich without a recipe. Unfortunately, the Si user’s memory is poor, so can’t remember the recipe from heart. HOWEVER, he can “feel” out the sensation as he makes it.

The Si user will have a sensation that tells him, “It should be the mustard and the mayo first..” and he goes on with the lettuce and tomato. After that, he tries to remember the next step “What was it again..??” and he tries to put the ham on, but wait..!

A sudden shock goes over him.. “This doesn’t feel right” he said. And he decides to place the cheese before the ham, and voila!
“Yep.. This feels right.” as the order of the sandwich feels correct for him, he finishes it.


Ni users, however, do not operate in this manner. Each time an Ni-user makes a sandwich, it is ALWAYS a clean slate, at least until the information is finally well processed into the Psyche’s memory.

They’ve been often told “Ah come on, you’ve done this like a million times already!” and of course, they would respond “I–I’m sorry! I can’t remember!” so they would rely on “Possibility hunches” to get things done.

So for an Ni user, every time he make a sandwich, he has to rely on intuition to get the sandwich constructed, despite the lack of prior experience. He can “feel” that the bread could “possibly” have mustard and mayo on first. The Ni can visualize this and see just what the end result of the sandwich could be if he places mayo and mustard on each slice of bread. If his gut feeling believes it is correct, he will do this. His gut feeling will also visualize what item should go next. The ham? Swiss? Lettuce? Tomato? Often times, the Ni function will change its gut feeling each time the Ni-user makes a new sandwich. Because of this method, however, each time the Ni user makes a sandwich it can be different, whereas the Si user is more capable of repeating the same exact steps over and over.
-Your local kufar INTJ


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