MBTI Type Compatibility?







Many times I’ve heard people ask “What is the most compatible type for my type?” “How do I find this compatible type and get them to like me?”

I think that’s pretty bull. Because despite certain MBTI types having some tendencies to click/clash quicker than some others, there’s this universal truth: your types don’t determine whether your relationship will succeed or fail.

I’ve seen a lot of opposite types married, lasting friendships between types that seem at odds with each other and break-ups that happen between types that are supposed to be “the perfect match” according to the MBTI.

Just because Hitler and I share the same type, doesn’t mean we’ll instantly become The Best of Pals™. Same thing if you’re an ISTJ who’s supposed to match with the ESFP, it’s no guarantee that you’ll find Awkarin alluring let alone a spouse candidate.

Isabel Briggs Myers herself, being an INFP, said that if she knew her husband was an ISTJ, she wouldn’t have married him. And that says a lot about being MBTI-selective, doesn’t it?

In the end, your types don’t matter in the long run. Some things actually are proven to matter more in relationships, such as having the same visions/goals, being on the same page in political matters, adopting similar lifetyles/habits, and more.

Don’t fuss so much about your potential partner/friend/co-worker/etc.’s MBTI type. Embrace human connections as they come. You’ll be surprised by what you find.

This has been a PSA by your friendly neighborhood INFJ. ✌


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