MBTI Spotlight: ISFP (Dean)

As one of the most “artsy” stereotypical MBTI types, ISFP successfully delivers the aura of uniqueness and so-called “hipster” taste. In Korean Music Industry, Dean (Kwon Hyuk) is popularly known as the emerging songwriter of many K-pop hits (Growl by EXO, World Tour by Lee HI). He is also now moving as an Indie R&B singer who manages to break in 88rising and in mainstream industry . Here goes the explanations:

Fi – If we are going to talk more about the harsh K-pop wave and how the fast-paced need of fame in the industry, his decision to join R&B industry under Indie scene is the proof that he’s not looking for a fame. He tends to describe himself as the one that ” creates new sounds and music as the way he wants to and influences the music scene in that way.” When being asked if he is going to look for achievements as his goal as an artist, he tends to think that his goal is to communicate in his “unique” color, style, thoughts and attitude through his music.

Se – Looking at his stage name Dean, which he inspired from James Dean, he wants to embody the rebellious and moving forward spirit, and show his attitude as “naughty and rebel” from the infamous James Dean he looks up to. More than that he also added trbl which means trouble, his Se aux wants to show himself as an experimental musician and known by “raw, rebel, root” as he always tried to portray through interviews. His care for looks and Instagram feeds which he called “artistry” and somehow impulsive (he once had posted things and deactivated his Instagram account out of nowhere) is also the justification on how his Se works.

Ni – He didn’t come out as a solo artist without the ambitions, he realizes that making music should also fit as his voice. He also does not hesitate to say that he has many projects to look forward to other artists, however with the “need” of similar energy from the artists. His recent achievements with his own record company (Top 3 in Billboard World Album, Collaboration with Eric Bellinger, Featured in 88rising) shows how he wants to rule by his own and how his Tertiary Ni tried to be an influence even he said that he only wants to deliver his colors.

Te – His Te mainly shows from his statement on how he never sees himself as “hopeless romantic” and as a singer, producer, and songwriter who mainly never gets afraid to bring out a sexual theme in his music.

– ISTP Admin


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