MBTI Spotlight: ENFJ (Chicco Jerikho)

“Ketika segala sesuatunya kita kerjakan dengan penuh rasa dan cinta, hasilnya akan jauh lebih baik, dibanding dengan yang kita kerjakan dengan ambisius.”

As we all know, ENFJs are mostly known for their immense charismatic approach and their “good advocate” mannerisms. An example of this would be Indonesian actor Chicco Jerikho. To break it down:

Fe – Chicco is known to be warm, charismatic, and affectionate during interviews and towards his fans. He is always actively supporting a cause and he’s passionate about it, especially on social media where he promotes various causes (such as animal activism, stopping violence against women, various charities, environmental causes, and even religious tolerance. He’s also well known to be an active endorser of WWF). He is somewhat of a moralist, but this is not to be taken as a misunderstood strong form of Fi, since he projects his passion for these causes to the world to help others due to his people-oriented nature. He believes in a greater good, and isn’t afraid to let it show, even through his acting.

Ni – Chicco devotes himself to his work. “Setengah setengah” isn’t a Chicco-ish thing to do. He is equally passionate in promoting causes he believes in (which, again, is related to his Fe). Another use of his Ni is his creativity and the way he channels it into his work. It is no secret that he would always come up with new, out-of-the-box projects every now and then (the Axelerate series, for example).

Unlike ESFJs who often conform to the society’s standards of what they should do and who they should be, Chicco isn’t afraid to push the boundaries – he bravely crafted his very own “cowok kalem” image, which doesn’t conform to the society’s “cool, emotionless” stereotype of “cowo kalem”.

Se – He doesn’t display much of this function other than the way he grooms himself and does a lot of sports, or the fact that he takes on a variety of challenging roles (such as his role in Negri Van Oranje).

Ti – Other than doing commercial movies (and soap operas in the past), Chicco isn’t afraid to produce and act in movies with out-of-the-box concepts. Understanding the art behind his movies, thus conveying some degree of truth in his work, is a proof that his Ti is well developed for an ENFJ.

– ENTJ admin


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