From An ISFJ to Other ISFJ

Dear ISFJs out there,

It is okay if you are being grateful to your past that successfully bring you here. It is okay if you are (too) appreciate the moments with your loved ones โ€” although they often come then suddenly leave you. It is okay if you are constantly trying to understand the way make them happy โ€” although they often do not realize that you care. So much care.

No need to afraid to give some advises based on your personal experience. Tell them about your past is able to prevent them from doing your mistake(s), right? Cause everytime you get hurt, you wish they won’t feel the same pain that you’ve already felt.

I understand that it feels bad everytime we reanalyze what we’ve been through. About mistakes that we’ve made, chances that we’ve missed, people that we’ve done hurting. But, what is wrong with all of that? Because actually that makes us feel better and change us to be better. And to be a better person is our ultimate goal.

Some people might say we’re too dependent. We’re too much asking people’s argument. But, don’t stop that because that is how we understand their thought. If we are able to understand them, we are gonna feel comfort. If we feel comfort, we are gonna be happy.

And that’s how life is supposed to be.



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