An Important Note from Us to Y’all!

A test and re-test pro tip for you all!

I know that most people feel taking an MBTI test once isn’t sufficient in determining their type, so we try to take different tests multiple times trying to find a consistency.

But more often than not, it causes blind conviction. If you get the same results time after time, you’d be eager to believe that YES, THIS IS MY ACCURATE TYPE AND IT WON’T CHANGE.

But the thing is, your results are INSIGNIFICANT if you test and re-test in a such a short time. It allows for too much bias to try to get the same result. Another thing is, you haven’t progressed very much in life from the last time you did it so OF COURSE you’re prone to get the same or similar results.

Studying psychology, I received a suggestion that you should wait for at least 3 months if you wanna take the test again to see if your result is consistent. The longitudinal approach will provide time for you to go about in life—facing changes, experiencing ups and downs, basically developing yourself—that will make your result when you re-test more relevant because we’re trying to find the You that’s consistent throughout your life.

More importantly, it may help you find your best-fit MBTI type. Not just your type when you’re successful at school; not just your type when you just broke up with your partner, but your most accurate type. Because we know that the test is very vulnerable to personal biases and mood changes.

Now, I know that 3 months could sound too long. I guess we can be a bit lax about it. I assume 1 month would be okay although it’s still such a short time to make room for life changes to occur. But I wouldn’t recommend you testing-re-testing in a span of days or weeks!

Also, if your results tend to change drastically (getting 2 different letters from the last time) then it’s very very very recommended for you to find the results that come up the most and try to read about the 9 Jungian cognitive functions behind the MBTI. Don’t be afraid to learn! Or ask people for help. People tend to think that MBTI types change easily but that’s really not the case—that’s more often than not the result of testing and not consulting the results to personality profiles and cognitive functions.

So take the time to delve deep enough to understand and develop yourself! MBTI, after all, is a self-discovery tool meant to help people understand and enhance themselves, not box people in. Take your testing results as a beginning of the journey, not the end. Have fun dissecting yourself! 🔪


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