[META] How Typing Feels Like at Times

What started as a great tool to understand myself has also became a way to box many different and unique individuals into stereotypes, with me having prejudices towards them just because I know “someone with the same MBTI type who are an asshole” and such and such.

I know that people aren’t “only” their MBTI types, but sometimes it’s hard to see that way and I’m already used to pigeonholing people into several different categories just because it’s “really neat”.

I kinda stopped seeing people as unique individuals with their whole complexity which left me wondering about them. Nowadays it almost feel like “Oh s/he’s an XXXX? S/he must like bla bla bla and hate doing bla bla” “Are you sure you’re not mistyped? Because you don’t fit to the description of XXXX” “Man, you’re just a poser thinking that XXXX type is cool so you identify yourself as one”. Like there’s always an easy answer to understand the complexity of human and how people should fit into our fabric of understandings or else our reality shatters.

Well, I guess that’s what problematic with any pop psychology (or pop pseudo-psychology). It’s fun, but sometimes you sacrifice the depths of real psychology by boxing people into several neat categories with corresponding stereotypes.

Man, I just need to stop compulsively type people in my daily life and try to use it dalam batas wajar.



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