[ADMINS HOUR] “Life is a Competition, Yes or No?”

(DISCLAIMER: These are the individual views of our admins, we don’t try to represent it as the general views from each type.)

ENTP: Life is a competition? to me it’s a yes somehow. We are competitive beings, always wanted to achieve more. Competition in academics, in love, in getting all of our needs fulfilled. Life is a competition but the competition isn’t winning or losing. Sure, sometimes you win at life, and sometimes you don’t. People has their own ups and downs, but really, life is supposed to be a competition to evolve, to be better than what you were before.

INTP: Competition has been the driver of humanity’s growth and advancement, and it’s true that it created a lot of benefits for humankind.

But personally though, I hate to see it as such. The idea of it made you only want to compete and compete more with others in all aspects of life, to be left feeling incompetent when you failed to gain what you wanted to achieve, and comparing yourself to those who always seem to achieve more. I guess life doesn’t always have to be that way, to me it’s all about exploring and experiencing as much things as possible, and to do that you don’t always have to “compete head-to-head” with other people. Competing with your own mind though, that’s what I keep trying to do.

ESFJ: Competition, for me is the act of acknowledging others’ people perks and compare it with yours. Sometimes it is good because it helps you to grow out of your insecurities; tho most of the time it is bad because you tend to see other people as your enemies, not inspiration.

I personally believe
, the only person you want and should have comparison and competition with is yourself. I always try to become the best version of myself. I do not wanna compare, and I do not wanna compete with others because it will become a never ending want that consume you in the future.

I always remind myself
: “Comparison is the best thief of joy” and I think it can be applied to competition as well.

ISFJ: Life is (not always) a competition. Because what belongs to you, will always find a way. I prefer say that every human being is competing with theirself to achieve the best they can do. They aren’t competing in life, rather competing with theirself to achieve something. And for me, life is such a pleasure thing that we can enjoy without needed to compare with the others.

ESTJ : Fuck yes life’s a competition. Because u have to stand out in this crowded world full of people. When you make a project or something, thousand of people out there already have the same vision as you,and at this moment I think you can’t just go with the flow, u have to grind learn and adapt fast so your project isn’t losing with them.And I think not only work, u also have to be competitive in every aspect of life like love,hobby,etc because I personally think competition motivate you to grow better! To be a better person than you were yesterday. To help you win through this life,you have to be aware that competition is everywhere.

ISTJ: From the very beginning, our conception is all about competition. Everyone and everything has got its own places. That’s just how life works. Everyone’s gotta struggle to have a place in this world, to get what they want. Due to discrepancies between the number of people who wants the place and the number of places available, yes, people have to compete each other. It’s human’s basic ego (it’s even how nature selection works, right?). But they have to know what they’re fighting for, will it be good for them, when to stop, what is good/healthy, what is overwhelming, when to cooperate, and how to handle defeat. So, yea, I believe that this life is a competition, but everything has to be balanced. Compete wisely. Never forget that others have their rights, too.

ENFJ: Yes, life is ALWAYS a competition. Here are the components :

: You
Competitor: Your… (Seven Deadly Sins)
Way to Win: Beat the fuck out of them
Prize: Self-control, inner peace, gratitude.

, the one you have to compete with is what is within you, unseen, your mental virus. Why virus? First of all, virus never die, if your immune isn’t strong enough to beat them, they can always come back. Secondly, they’re contagious.

What scary is
, that everybody got their own virus, their own competition. So, in order to have a healthy society, not only everybody must defeat their own viruses, but also to be immune against other people viruses, and to possibly help treat those who cant supress their virus. Everything starts with yourself.

So life is a competition
, and to be victorious is very important, not only for your own sake, but also for others.

INTJ: If life’s isn’t a competition, then what else is it?

INFJ: Probably. On the surface, it may seem like it. This endless yearning to reach the top is why life itself is called a ratrace. And you’ve had people telling you that you were born to become a winner since you came out as The Sole Surviving Sperm Out of Many Others™.

But too often
we assume that the so-called competition is between the self and the world/others, the true competition is in fact about the self against itself. I think several other admins have pointed out about this, too, and I agree with them.

Yet I must stress
that life is not merely that. It is only a competition if you allow it to be so. I simply think that when one has gone past the deep-rooted mindset that to live is to compete, that’s when true living happens—unleashed from the desire to shake, rattle and roll violently against /what you are/, disillusioned by /what you must or should be/.

ISTP: It is. Because I believe you are not living in this world to be this mediocre haha, in the other hand as a competitive person I’d like to believe that competition is the only thing that makes you grow in a qualitative way.

ENTJ: It is, whether you realize it or not. Everyone competes to survive, thus making competition a part of human nature.

An analogy
of this would be the creation and use of money. Money was created to avoid bartering, which was initially the solution to people actively competing for scarce resources. But money, as a terrific solution, also created an even bigger “problem” – a wider scale of competition among humans. People start competing for jobs for survival (which comes from money to buy their daily necessities) or even to thrive with wealth.

In conclusion
, competition is unavoidable. Competition will always be there, whether you like it or not. Competition is a part of life.


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