MBTI Spotlight: ISFJ (Steve Rogers – Captain America)

“We try to save as many people as we can. Sometimes that doesn’t mean everybody, but, if we can’t find a way to live with that, Next time… maybe nobody can be saved.”
-Steve Rogers on Captain America: Civil War

Si – Steve is a man of details and common sense, with vivid memories of his past life and the people in it. Let’s take a look at Captain America: The Winter Soldier. When he finally find out that his enemy, The Winter Soldier, is Bucky, he isn’t that easy to believe that his old friend has turned evil. At the point when he pull out The Winter Soldier’s mask, he suddenly remember how closed they were and tend to avoid the fight rather than to fight back. So, it is just a very simple evidence that he has more faith with his own memory than what happens in front of him.

Fe – Steve is making decisions based on a value system that is concerned with the well being of people. These values are more global and cultural than personal. It showed up at Captain America: The First Avenger. He is literally willing to throw himself on a grenade to protect the people around him rather than run away to save his own life. He is eager to keep the peace, wants to save everyone, and tries to fit in.

Ti – Steve learns to think about situations and see them from new perspectives. Where others worked hard to climb the flag pole, he finds the logical solution. Instead of climb it, on the contrary he pull the pin, drop the flag, and pick it up off the ground. He rarely shares what’s going on inside his head, but instead simply acts on it.

Ne – Steve focused on the big picture. As a soldier, he has faith to win whatever war he is in, to fight for truth, justice, and his country. He’s able to adapt to the modern world, even if he isn’t happy about it.



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