How Each MBTI Perceives a Certain Type: ENTJ Edition

Hi, dear readers! Admins will now occasionally discuss how they feel towards a particular type and whether the admins are interested in dating them. This time, we’ll let ENTJ get the limelight.

Ambitious af, tapi jenius juga. Haus ilmu pengetahuan. Downsidenya bossy, manipulatif, gamau dengerin kata orang.

🤔Would you date them?
No, perhaps? Soalnya bakal clash berat kayaknya, sama-sama gak mau ngalah. Tapi boleh juga biar hidupq terarah gitu.

Bossy af, tipe2 yg mustahil ga sukses cuma pasti ngorbanin byk org demi ambisi

🤔Would you date them?
Not really, ga suka yg terlalu controlling dan manipulatif

Manipulative, ambitious, boss around but have extensive leadership capabilities

🤔Would you date them?
Hehe mw lah agar supaya conquer the world together (pdhl disuruh2 doang)

Control freak, leader, saingan berat dalam karir dan hidup walau selalu kalah akunya

🤔Would you date them?
Pengen sih tapi takut ah takut ga dianggap

Berwawasan. Kalo diajak diskusi asik, mulai dari hal remeh sampe hal serius. Tapi kalo kerja bareng wkwkwk *die*. They dont accept no as an answer, and they cant accept you being lazy and procrastinating even though they know you wont do your best if you’re not in the mood for the task. Underdeveloped types can be overwhelming, karena kadang bisa lumayan self centered. Cara2 mereka buat ngeachieve goal bisa lumayan nyebelin, but I dont mind having them as a leader.

🤔Would you date them?
Nuh uh, buat temenan aja bole la

You’re not as effective as you think you are. Calm down, think it through. Pretty fun people once you get to know them.

🤔Would you date them?
Too overwhelming, heated argument is almost unavoidable. No, thanks.

Probably the most badass NJ and y’all are fit to become President of Everything if you just put your minds to it since you Make Dreams Happen™ and Just Do It™. However, ENTJs might have some hidden insecurities that they can be insecure about having insecurities, usually regarding independence and power. It’s kinda cute but since ‘cute’ is not in their dictionary let’s just call it reality check that they’re still humans after all.

🤔Would you date them?
Hmm, my submissive senses are tingling at their domineering nature but at second thought, Te-fueled dominance is pretty scary. Female ENTJs, maybe. Male ENTJs, not so much?

Damn u look awesome in power. Ambitious as hell, bossy as fuck, but then once you know them, hey they’re not bad. Just dont be so rough on people ok

🤔Would you date them?
Well I can probably date them… or not. Would enjoy them as a friend tho, and probably as a coworker/boss hehe

Ambis, sooo goal oriented yang mungkin ngebuat mereka bossy and careless about other people. Tapi dengan itu ya mungkin mereka cukup bisa dipercaya buat jadi leader ya — walaupun aku sendiri mandangnya itu serem si

🤔Would you date them?
uummmm well, aku biasanya ngedate sama orang yang bisa bikin aku nyaman. Kalo dipikir lagi mungkin aku kurang bisa nyaman dekat ENTJs yang ambis parah dan ngorbanin ‘semuanya’ demi goal mereka, jadi kayanya bakal cuman first date dan tdk berlanjut ke date selanjutnya hahaha

10. ESTJ
Bossy dan kadang asal suka teriak” tanpa terlalu ahli di suatu bidang (most entj i met)

🤔Would you date them?
Absolutely no. Te vs Te will be WW3

11. ESFP
Kayak yg lainnya: bossy af, tp determined tho !

🤔Would you date them?
Probably ga, takut aq

That’s all! Please tell us in comment what type we should discuss next. Or if you want to complain on how admins’ views on ENTJ are heavily stereotyped. Or how uninsightful this post is. Or instead of talking about MBTI, we all should just get a life. Anything is welcome!



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