[ADMINS HOUR] MBTI & Perspective in God and Religion

(DISCLAIMER: These are the individual views of our admins, we don’t try to represent it as the general views from each type.)


INTP: Personally, I don’t think god plays a significant role in my life. I don’t mind if he exists, I don’t mind if he doesn’t, and if he does exist I don’t think he’ll be an anthropomorphic god like the way Abrahamic religions portray him to be. He’ll be like something we can’t imagine, which can exist within this universe or outside the boundaries of this universe, and he’s definitely not a personal god in which you can ask to help you and actually care whether you do good or bad, he definitely doesn’t need you to praise his name and do anything in his name because he’s so much bigger than that. He definitely doesn’t give a fuck to each single individual which is like a speck within this huge universe.

As for religion
, I don’t believe in an organised religion, especially when it becomes politicised and used as a tool for political gains of certain people. Spirituality should be a personal matter and never be regulated, it is more than attending church and mosque frequently, and definitely not shoving your personal interpretation of the words of god to people.

ISFJ: Aku sangat percaya akan Tuhan dan kepercayaanku. Ya, sangat. Aku percaya akan janji dan ancamanNya yang ditulis dalam kitab suci kami. Bahkan, bisa dibilang aku tidak sedikitpun memiliki keraguan akan itu; tidak terbersit sama sekali. Apa Dia mampu menolong setiap manusia? Ya, sangat mampu. Atau mungkin kemampuannya melebihi itu. Aku tidak peduli jika sebagian orang tidak percaya bahwa Tuhan ada, atau percaya Tuhan ada tapi tidak ingin terikat pada keyakinan tertentu. Aku tidak akan memaksakan keyakinanku terhadap mereka yang memiliki perspektif berbeda dan berkata bahwa mereka salah, aku benar. Toh mereka yang bertuhan belum tentu baik dan yang tidak bertuhan juga belum tentu tidak baik. Setiap orang memiliki pemikirannya sendiri, namun, dalam kasusku, dari sekian banyak sudut pandang akan Tuhan dan keyakinan, aku memilih untuk mempercayai keberadaan sekaligus kuasaNya.

ENTJ: I don’t believe in organised religion, but I do believe one thing: it controls the world. It controls the way people behave and think, and even feel about certain things. It’s something that controls the smallest things to even big things such as the economy and the government. It contributes to the productivity of the world at times (motivation of people in the government, business ethics, etc). I don’t mind religion as long as it has a productive impact on society; but when it doesn’t, that’s when religion is irrelevant to me. As for God, I somehow believe in His existence, however it’s not something that I would like to discuss in public as my faith is of no importance to anyone else but myself and it’s just something that keeps me going throughout all the work I do, hoping that if there is a God out there, He will grant me success if I work for it.

ENTP: I actually believe in God. But I don’t think organized religion would do much. I mean religion exists so we can have sth to believe in, or preparation for afterlife. But to me it looked like a tradition tho, as it is kind of restricting my actions to me. I must do some certain things, I am not allowed to do some things, I cannot eat or drink some certain things, and stuff. But at times it explains some things that miraculously happen but cannot be explained with logic. Like, how does mukjizat happened? Azab? And stuff????? The existence of jinn, anything supernatural? If not by belief, how can u explain those things happen???
Anw, religion is a complex thing. And so is God– the one that has powers, so great that we are created by God.

INFJ: As a child, I could be considered pretty religious and believed in God without a doubt. But growing up, I came to realize that my beliefs concerning God and religion were the product of my parents’ upbringing. That’s when I decided to find God on my own, that’s considering if he even exists at all.

These days
, I still have a lot of questions left unanswered about God but of course there may never be a sure way to answer them, even though some would recommend faith but can’t rely on faith. But even if God exists, I guess he wouldn’t be super picky and manipulative. “It”—as I prefer to call it—would just be a force within the universe that doesn’t need a name or characteristics. It wouldn’t care about who you sleep with, how you dress, what you eat or whatever. It just exists within all of us, like some kind of energy force.

About religion
, I think more often than not people exploit it for all the wrong reasons—power, hatred, violence, the list just never ends. What began as something spiritual and sacred now is just a tool to justify evil. So I oppose organized religions but respect spirituality, because they’re two different things. I believe there are many roads to Rome so each road is valid as long as we don’t claim it to be The Only Road.

ESFJ: Do I believe in God?
I can see and feel God in your eyes, at the corner watching us, in people’s smile, above that tree on your backyard, everywhere.

Do I believe in religion? I don’t think so:( I’m personally upset with people that put their religions above everything. They became fundamentalists and never stop judge others, when all of their religions told them to love others.

I still have that tiny light called faith inside of my heart, tho. In the future, I’m not limiting myself. Maybe I’m just upset with the current conditions of religions lmao.

ISTJ: I believe God exists. He’s everywhere. Everything in this world only points to God. Even our—at least my—life is God’s magnificent plan.
Nevertheless, for me, religion is a way to approach our God with some rituals and dos and donts. I am currently despising religious system because it’s too….politicized. God shouldn’t be politicized in any ways. God should be the center, not religion.

I perceive
religious rules as a way to show our gratitude to God. I do that to show God how grateful I am. I am not pursuing heaven nor hell, because I personally don’t believe it.. IMO heaven and hell is God’s way to make us do good and be good; however, people nowadays are only focused in pursuing heaven and forgetting the essence of God in their deeds.

ISFP: menangos sejenak karena mesti nulis lagi
Well, I do believe in God. I believe there’s higher power. Who can see us, but not controlling nor checking every one of us.
I wouldn’t say that I wanna be or I am in a religion. Simply because it’s too complicated for me. And I don’t find it useful for my life.

Ok. Some religions tell us “what’s good and what’s not” and they have this term called sin. From what I believe, as long as we do good for others, sin doesn’t matter. As long as we don’t do something bad for others, sin doesn’t matter. It’s personal to have faith in something, and it’s really unimportant and useless to tell the whole world about your beliefs. Keep it personal. And don’t ever let your religion make you stupid.

Ps: I’m actually in a religion. It’s called Dark Side. Our Lord is Palpatine.

ENFP: I believe in flying spaghetti monster!!!!!!

INTJ: I personally don’t really care whether god exists or not since it doesn’t affect my life in any way. If God exists, then all I can say is “Cool, thanks.”

We’re human beings, we’re the master and the slave, the creator and the destroyer, the healer and the killer. We’re the masters of our own fate.(in the immortal words of Friedrich Nietzsche; the Ubermensch)

That line of thinking lead me to be very skeptical of religion. And I may write an whole essay about “Why Religion is Unimportant in Running a Country”.

So I’ll stick with “Agama Indomie”

ISTP: Religion is a product of civilization. The way human try to obey something by telling something bigger exist and have an ability to give judgement in order for them to follow a certain order. But I do believe there’s something bigger that control us but it doesn’t mean on one entity like ppl believe about God. The only single entity that can control us is Indomie.

ESTJ: Do I believe in God?

I Believe in Greater Power than us but I’m not sure what’s out there, and i like to think we human are exist because the environmental on earth supports us to exist and start evolve.I choose to believe this because it’s more logical for me than to believe in God, and beside that we also have really big galaxy and the existence of living creature isn’t really remarkable achievement.

Do I believe in religion?
Tbh no , I was raised in catholic and Christian school, first I believed in this “religion” things, but growing up, I find out that there’s so many religion in this world. There are like 3000 religion, so when u say do you believe in God? I’m sorry what god? There are about 3000 religion in this world eh. And beside that I don’t agree with the concept that someone purposely make human and put them in this world to be nice and then send the nice one to heaven and the other to hell.
This is just my opinion and perspective.

ENFJ: Who is God? The strongest being? The one that created land, The Earth, The Universe? The one that gave life to all living creatures? The one that instructed all humans to praise, admire, love him/herself and punished those who disobey? The one that invented the rule of good or bad, right or wrong? Let’s see.. He/She created the humans.. created a place to live.. created RULES, created a system, and created consequences. If that’s the case, it looks like we’re just handmade blank paper in a shop, waiting to be sold or shred. God, is bored. But I understand him/her, If I were in his/her position, I’d totally do the same 🙂

Tuhan & Agama
hanya masalah kepercayaan dari individu. Tentu, orang-orang bisa percaya kepada Tuhan & menganut Agama yg berbeda. Tapi, apakah itu harus ditebus dengan dunia yg terpecah belah?


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