Question from Adders (Q6-10)


Q: What do you think about female INTJ and male INFP relationship? 😄

A: it might be quite good however the F type should comprehend with the T since T is kind of person that might be seems too ‘heartless’ for the F type. since your boy is also a P i think the relationship will going well because he might be coping up with your personality 😊



Q: What type of man will suit an ENFP girl?

A: Well, the type of men that suit an ENFP would be those who are committed to personal growth and effective communication, both things that an ENFP girl would value the most.

There are so many types that can fit this criteria such but the best fit for ENFP girl would be INTJ or INFJ. With those types they can have intense, meaningful, and close relationship.



Q: As an xxxx, I’m still confused, how would I know whether I’m an extrovert or an introvert?

A: Contrary from widely-held beliefs, extroversion and introversion isn’t really shown from their stereotypes such as extroverts are those who are loud and the life of the party while introverts are the recluses who don’t talk and socialise much. It’s actually as simple as how do these people actually gain their energy.

If they feel energised when they meet and socialise with other people then it means that they’re extroverts, they need to be constantly interacting with people to gain their energy and would feel drained when left alone.

If they feel that they need some time alone after spending time interacting and socialising with people, then it means that they’re introverts. Many of them are actually enjoying people’s company as long as it is in moderate amount and with people who they’re close with, meeting and having to socialise with new people will drain their energy, while it’s the opposite for extroverts.

It’s not as simple to tell from the surface because there are cases of quiet extroverts and loud introverts who defy their stereotypes.



Q: Are all INFPs have troubles with falling in love? I only had crushes that didn’t develop into love so far.

A: Well, INFPs tend to be perfectionists and often strive to reach personal ideals that can be exhausting or even impossible to obtain. Maybe you couldn’t love these people because you didn’t see enough ideal qualities in them?

It’s actually quite strange for an INFP to not develop strong feelings such as love, but there are cases where it happens. Maybe it’s because for INFP before they can act on their feelings, their minds swirl with every possible outcome—every situation, positive, negative neutral—being with that person could create. Their vivid imagination, something they so often rely on in their creative endeavors, is of little help when it comes to love. It often runs amok with scenarios that might never happen.

So, maybe because you don’t let those crushes turn into love because you were afraid? Either way you still got plenty of time to reconsider romance in your life. Don’t be afraid to keep looking for the right someone. But being content with your condition now is always an option and there’s nothing wrong with that.



Q: Are all INTPs science geeks? Because well, I’m not.

A: Well, I’m definitely also not a science geek! Lol. It’s just that the common archetype for INTPs is Albert Einstein who is like.. the smartest scientist ever.

But what unites INTPs are their curiousity and their desire for new knowledge. It’s not always in the form of science but many INTPs would totally fit the scientific jobs because of the process of how their mind works.


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