Question from Adders (Q1-5)


Q: As an INFP, how can I be brave?
A: Ok so here’s the thing: INFPs are people with some of the strongest convictions of anyone that I know. It may not seem that way from the outside, bc they really do go with the flow a lot of the time. But then when it comes to things that really matters to them they can be very stubborn.

I think, because of this stubbornness, they don’t change until they are good and ready to. And actually that’s pretty true of everyone.

And it does seem that bravery, confidence, courage, self-assuredness are things that you grow into. So you should focus on your good capacity first. Try to make your stubbornness and the way you uphold your values as your strength, and I’m sure that you’ll be able to find your bravery within as long as you feel strong enough about the things that you care for.



Q: How can I be xxxx? Can I aspire to be another type?
A: Well, it’s unhealthy to aspire to be something that you’re not. Especially when the creators of MBTI test clearly stated that no types are good or bad since it only determine how someone process their thoughts and perceive the world around them.

What you can do instead of aspiring to become another type is to make sure that your type is a healthy type. What does it mean to be a healthy type? It means that you try to achieve your potentials and use your cognitive functions in an optimum way. You can read so many tips on doing this catered to each MBTI types.



Q: As an INTJ, what to do when you have impossible standards on your crush?
A: Well, what do you mean by impossible? I think it’s important for an INTJ not to overanalyse people (especially your crushes) and instead rely on the standard that you value the most as your priority, such as intellectuality (assuming that’s what you value the most).

Then, when you’re looking at your crush and finding a soulmate you’ll focus on how s/he could entertain your mind first and foremost, and starting to see other standards that you tried to impose upon them as something arbitrary. This made your standards became realistic instead of being something unachievable.

Just put in mind that you’re not actually lowering your standard, you’re just putting what you value the most as your priority, and other qualities can be negotiated as long as they can fulfill the most important thing on your list of impossible standards.



Q: What are the admin’s MBTI types?

A: Basically all introverts so far lol -> intp, istp, isfp, istj, and infp –> This was 8 months ago!



Q: What happens when ESTJ woman gets into a relationship with INTJ man? Or maybe you can give a relationship compatibility? That includes one that I asked 😼

A: as both of T types you might have a very good cooperation since the way you thinking is through logical so you dont have to worry about being overwhelmed by too may feelings. however the I and N types coming from him might make you see him as someone too serious and rigid since he is also a J type (like you). thats what i thought since i have an INTJ friend 😉


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