MBTI Spotlight: ISTP (Rich Chigga/Brian Immanuel)

“God damn bitch, I don’t smoke no gas
I don’t pop no Xans hella cake
I just need that ass don’t worry bout no mans
Look at me, look at he, you don’t wanna fuck with we
Hit the streets roll on me, you gon end up in the sea”

Despite being homeschooled and living in Indonesia, Rich Chigga managed to immerse himself in the black & rap culture, mastering most of its slangs to craft his rap songs. He also learned to speak in a perfect SoCal American accent despite never having lived in USA. His Introverted Thinking (Ti) is evident in his way of refining his music and accent through intensive learning via the internet, combined with his Extraverted Sensing (Se) it creates an outlandish and quirky sense of humour that often is carefully planned but can also appear spontaneous, i.e. such as his choice of using fannypack and pink polo shirt in a gangsta rap video (Dat $tick), his “How to Microwave Bread” video and many of his comedy tweets and other social media posts and videos.

Chigga’s use of Introverted Intuition (Ni) can be seen from his interview, in which that he seems to have a clear sense of goals, what he’s planning to achieve from his comedy and musical works, and he also used his Ni to help him conceptualise his jokes and how to make people receive it well.

He struggles with social interactions as evident in an event where he has to face a large and loud crowd (“Smoothie Party”), this shows his underdeveloped Extraverted Feeling (Fe) which at one point tries to fit in with people, but feel disconnected instead. So he just tries to fit in awkwardly.

Overall, Rich Chigga is an ISTP with a laidback and YOLO attitude to life, though behind that there exists a huge sense of intelligence and curiousity which compels him to create many of his comedy and musical works. As an ISTP he likes to explore ideas through creating, troubleshooting, trial and error, which often times resulted in such ideas being quirky and out of the box.


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