MBTI Spotlight: INTP (Elliot Alderson – Mr. Robot)

“I understand what it’s like to be different. I’m very different too. I mean I don’t jerk off to little kids… But I don’t know how to talk to people.”

As an INTP, Elliot likes to gather as much information as possible, sometimes even unimportant ones, just to satisfy his curiosity. He asks too many questions and plans his own hacking schemes in great details, and like many INTPs, he basically live in his own head.

He is observant and he sees possibilities where others see inevitabilities. He would often explore as many options as possible while keep doubting and questioning his own assumptions.

Elliot’s weakness that’s shared among many INTPs is his inability to connect with people while at the same time having the need to get an emotional validation. He is uncomfortable with showing his emotions and as an unhealthy type (due to his struggle with mental illness) he also has trouble in controlling his emotions and would often resort to many emotional outbursts.


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