MBTI Spotlight: INFJ (Daenerys Targaryen – Game of Thrones)

“From this day forward, you will choose your own names. You will tell your fellow soldiers to do the same. Throw away your slave name; choose the name your parents gave you, or any other. A name that gives you pride.”

Daenerys, like many INFJ’s, has always been a person of mystery. From a very shy girl, she developed into a ruler not to be messed with. Characteristics often found in INFJ’s are her revolutionary ideals, quiet determination (which can come off as stubbornness) and dreams of social justice.

She reaches out to people through means of empathy and liberation for the unfortunate. Another thing common in INFJ’s is her connection to nature, resembled in the form of her bond with her dragons.

A shortcoming that’s shared among many INFJ’s is her low tolerance towards criticism or different opinions, as INFJ’s tend to believe that their carefully thought ideas and beliefs are right—a weakness stemming from their strong intuition which is usually accurate.


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