MBTI Spotlight: ESTJ (Sri Mulyani – Menko RI)

Te – Sri Mulyani is well-known for being a “tough reformist” in the Indonesian economy. She didn’t find it hard to fire customs and tax officers on the basis of fraudulent practices and other mishaps. She also oversaw an increase in foreign direct investment and economic growth during her reign as the finance minister. Aside from her hardworking qualities and “tough love” acts, her Te is also manifested in the form of her confidence during interviews and public events. It isn’t a secret that she’s often very outspoken during interviews with international TV reporters. She makes herself clear every time she talks to the public and to the ministry, thus her nickname “the Iron Lady of Indonesia”.

Si – Sri Mulyani doesn’t use this function very often, but it does show through how her culture/traditions and her nationality affect her. No matter how many years she spent in the World Bank or studying in the US, she still lives accordingly to her traditions and culture. It’s no surprise that she eventually made her return to Indonesia.

Ne – She makes a good use of this function, and this function (other than her Te) greatly contributes to her success. She reforms the Indonesian economy to the point where the country saw an economic growth of 6.6% in 2007 with her policies, which have been deemed as unfamiliar yet creative and even criticized by other government officials. Another example of her use of this function is her interest in learning a wide range of things – aside from economics, she has also previously stated that she is interested in studying psychology.

Fi – Her Fi shows in her strongly held belief in the importance of having integrity (so far). She often refuses to do things that do not align with her ideals (refusing to state that the Sidoarjo mud was a natural disaster, refusing to use government funds for other uses, etc). The fact that she resigned from her job as the finance minister of Indonesia and made her move on the World Bank after allegedly receiving political pressure was also an example of her Fi showing itself.

(It was hard to type her at first, but one thing for sure, she’s often on a Te-Ne loop).



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