MBTI Spotlight: ESFP (@awkarin/Karin Novilda)

Disclaimer: admin tidak mengendorse, meng-hate, ataupun men-support awkarin. Hanya objective analysis semata. Dibawa asik-asik aja ya.

Se – as we all know, Karin lives in the moment. She’s quick to sport opportunities along the way while enjoying the thrill of Instagram limelight. She is often reckless as it’s the present that matters the most to her. She is also very concerned with aesthetics, as her color-coordinated, “bad girl”-themed feed is what attracts most of her followers (other than the sensation she creates).

Fi – Karin does things accordingly to what she wants and what she feels right at the moment. She easily channels her emotions into a video and her Instagram theme for her own personal financial and self-esteem gain. She even admits not applying to her “dream university” due to one of her past relationships (not all Fi-aux act this way, don’t get us wrong – this is just an example of her rather reckless use of this function).

Te – Karin (at times) tells it like it is. That being said, she doesn’t display much of this function except when she defends herself from “the haters” (such as reporting them to the police) and operates her endorsement system. She only displays this function when she really has to.

Ni – Karin lives according to one goal that not everyone understands: the sensation of popularity/instafame. She looks for transitory instead of permanent income (income from endorsements are classified as transitory due to the amount one can obtain from endorsements being relatively seasonal). She has previously claimed to strategize her instafame, although in her case, this does not seem to be a thorough strategy and it often backfires on her.



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