MBTI Spotlight: ENTP (Tony Stark – Iron Man)

“In the fourth grade, my robotics’ teacher told me to build a little robot for the Science Fair. I finished it in a few hours and called it ‘Optimus Prime’.”

Tony Stark shares a trait common to most ENTPs: brainpower. He’s smart and he knows it, and while he uses his engineers mind to create unfathomable gadgets and gizmos that launch him (both literally and figuratively) into the stratosphere of fame, he’s not always liked. Tony suffers from a strong case of arrogance, and this kind of arrogance is typical for many (not saying all) ENTPs *cough*.

ENTPs, while they tend to be excellent leaders if they are committed to something, typically adopt a more lassiez-faire attitude towards the world around them as they value independence and expect those around them to be independent as well.

ENTPs are appreciated for their curiosity, cleverness, knowledge, and their upbeat personality. It may seem overwhelming at times, but if you wish to win them over, you must win their minds, for they are life’s true visionaries.


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