MBTI Spotlight: ENTJ (Basuki “Ahok” T. Purnama – Gubernur DKI Jakarta)

“Bagi saya, definisi ‘santun’ adalah berjuang mewujudkan keadilan sosial buat rakyat. Kalau cuma ngomongnya doang yang santun tapi mencuri, itu namanya bajingan, bangsat!”

The ENTJ is a natural-born leader who is almost always motivated to take charge of things, pushing themself and others to achieve goals in the most effective and efficient ways—pretty much a summary of Ahok’s leadership style.

Like many ENTJs, Ahok sees way ahead into the future and recognizes opportunities where most people don’t and seeks to execute plans regarding those chances through innovative ways rather than conventional ways.

His no-nonsense style of speech typically characterizes the ENTJ’s approach to communication as they prefer to cut to the chase than waste time in petty business. Unfortunately, this kind of attitude is frequently met with disapproval, especially by the traditional SJs or Feelers who could see the ENTJ as aggressive and insensitive.


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