From an ESFJ to Another ESFJ

Since there are not many posts about ESFJ, I try to write one.

I know we are all exhausted, tired for always put another people first before ourselves. Giving before receive, hurted instead of hurting, and loving unrequitedly.

We love seeing people we love grow, even better if they grow much more than us. Nevertheless, some of them leave us, forget about us, and only come back when they feel uneasy again with their life.

That’s normal. That’s us. That’s our purpose in life. That’s how we cope with this world, the world that we love, the world that is, undoubtly, mesmerizing.

As ESFJ, we cherish all things, we heal the broken, we repair the bent, we welcome the forgotten, we understand the wicked, and we love all creatures in the world.



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