A Non-PC Guide in Differentiating MBTI Types

  • How to tell INTP, ISTP, and INTJ apart: INTPs are the lazy ones, ISTPs the less smart ones and INTJs the arrogant ones
  • ENFP: the autistic idealist ones (think about Spongebob)
  • INFP: the ones getting high on LSD and singing “Imagine”, either that or hysterically sobbing
  • ESFP & ESFJ: both are hookers with hearts of gold (do good fuck hard), with ESFPs having less concern about your life while ESFJs want to organise the fuck out of your life
  • ESTJ & ENTJ: both are bossy with ESTJ being the leader in everything while ENTJ thinks they’re the better leader and wants to overthrow the others
  • ENTP: the narcisstic and self-absorbed geniuses
  • How to tell ISFP, ISFJ, and INFJ apart: ISFPs are the oh-im-so-artsy-and-original ones, ISFJs the more boring and nice ones, and INFJs the psychic ones
  • ENFJ: the one who pays for everything only to get in your pants 🌚
  • ISTJ: the “No I won’t do this it’s haram” ones
  • ESTP: the reckless ones with “no bad vibes” as their life motto

*A collective work from admins


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